• Management reserves the right to restrict the issuance of membership cards.

  • A Household is considered to be no more than 5 persons living at the same address.

  • Lost ID Cards should be reported to Lynnewood Gardens Resident Services Center at 215-887-0302. A new card will be issued for a fee of $10.00

  • Guests shall sign guest slips each time admission is requested. Members under the age of 17 may sign in guests 17 and older as their guardian.  The Guest fees are $5.00 at the Gate  . No Cash Accepted, Guest Passes are to be paid by Credit or Debit Card only. No Guest Passes are Included with this membership.

  • There are 4 guests allowed PER HOUSEHOLD MEMBERSHIP per day. No Exceptions .

  • Each member is responsible for his or her guests. Guest actions can result in revocation of membership.\




  • All members must take a soap shower before entering the pool.

  • If child defecates in the pool, the membership they are under will be revoked with no refund and the member will be charged for the cost of sanitizing the pool.

  • All Persons must obey the ruling of the lifeguards as to determine the safest depth at which they may swim. Disregarding their assessment is cause for forced exit of the pool and/or pool facility. Jumping is not allowed in Pool. Diving Pool is Available for Diving – Lifeguard Attended.

  • Swimmers must remove all bobby pins, barrettes and curlers before entering the pool.

  • Swimming devices (i.e. artificial flotation devices, floats, tubes, swimmies, etc.) will not be permitted in the diving well.

  • Flotation devices may not be used during recreation or lap swims, except as training or teaching aids, and only if authorized by the lifeguard.

  • The use of flotation devices may be prohibited if it is seen as a safety hazard by the pool staff.

  • The lap lanes are to be used only if you are swimming laps.

  • Parents must take small children to lower depths or the wading pool, the wading pool is reserved for wading only.

  • The pool deck will be kept clear at all times.

  • Food, beverages, glass containers, and smoking are not permitted in or around the pool and locker rooms. Food Only Allowed in Designated Areas.

  • The consumption of alcohol and other drugs is prohibited in the pool area. You will be denied entry if you are under the influence of any substance.

  • Running or horseplay is not permitted anywhere in the pool facility.

  • All trash should be disposed of in the trash containers that are provided. Please cooperate by keeping the Aquatic Club grounds free of all refuse.

  • There are no grills or other heating devices allowed in the pool facility.

  • All injuries must be reported to the lifeguards immediately.

  • Persons with Band-Aids or bandages may not use the pool.

  • Persons with evident skin, eye, ear, or nasal infections may not use the pool.

  • The use of skin diving and scuba equipment during recreation and open swims is not permitted.

  • If you leave your children without a guardian 17 or older your membership will be revoked.

  • Members are responsible for watching their children AT ALL TIMES. Parents must be vigilant and attentive to children. The life guards are NOT babysitters.

  • NO SMOKING IN THE AQUATIC CENTER. If you wish to smoke, you must exit through the locker rooms and smoke outside the front office.



  • Illegal drugs and alcoholic beverages may not be brought into the club.

  • Members and guests must use the main entrance only for entering the club.

  • Chairs and chaise lounges are provided. Saving or holding chairs for others is not permitted.

  • Radios will be permitted only if their operation does not disturb other members.

  • Park your cars between the yellow lines. Do not park in the entrance drive or on the grass. Do not park in front of the double fence gate.

  • Use cement walks and steps. Do not walk across or climb the bank to pool level.

  • The Management will not assume responsibility for any injury incurred on the premises or for any loss or damage to personal property.

  • The Aquatic Club members must be dressed appropriately. Thongs are not permitted.

  • While in the pool or around the pool please be aware of and listen to lifeguards and the sound of the lifeguards whistle. These actions may be an indicator of an unsafe condition or inappropriate activity.

  • Foul language is not permitted at the Aquatic Club and will be grounds for expulsion.

  • Lynnewood Gardens’ and Sparkling Pools’ staffs have the right to enforce new rules or alter existing rules as issues arise throughout the season.

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Ashbourne Swim Club

1960 Ashbourne Road

Elkins Park, PA  19027